So, these are the new love of my life! Seriously one of the best things I’ve ever had! And so super easy to make. And also, you only need 3 to 4 ingredients. Which makes grocery shopping a whole lot easier! As a side note, the vanilla is just to add a little extra flavor, so if you have everything but that, then just go without it. I personally prefer it with, but it just makes the truffles a little better. They are still so good without it.


  • 1 lb Oreo Cookies (3 sleeves)
  • 8 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (using different extracts allows for subtle flavor changes. For mint flavor, add 1 tsp mint extract.)
  • 1 lb milk chocolate

Using a food processor, grind cookies to a fine powder. With a mixer, blend cookie powder, cream cheese and vanilla extract until thoroughly mixed (there should be no white traces of cream cheese.)

Roll into small balls and place on wax-lined cookie sheet. Refrigerate for 45 minutes.

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Line two cookie sheets with wax paper. In double-boiler, melt milk chocolate. Dip balls and coat thoroughly. With slotted spoon, lift balls out of chocolate and let excess chocolate drip off. Place on wax-paper lined cookie sheets.

With a fork, drizzle chocolate over balls. Let cool.

Store in airtight container, in refrigerator.

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