How to cook liver for it to be soft and delicious? We’re going to tell you some secrets of cooking an extremely tasty and healthy food.

What kind of liver can be fried?

For the purpose you can take chicken, beef or pork liver. The most important benefit of eating chicken liver is the great amount of selenium and Vitamin B 12 in it. It’s cooked fast and has a delicate flavor.

Beef liver has Vitamins B, A, D, E, folic acid, chrome, magnesium and iron.liver

Pork liver includes lots of proteins, vitamins and dietary elements.

How to choose and precook liver?

To make such a dish you should choose a fresh, smooth and shine liver with a bit fine structure. To find out whether the liver is fresh or not you can push it with your finger. If there is no track left or it disappears quickly, the liver is good. And vice versa.

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Before cooking it you should rinse it thoroughly, remove all the films, ducts and a gall bladder if it’s necessary.Liver on the pan

How to make liver tasty?

  1. It’s important to remember that liver is very soft. To make its taste even more delicate you can keep it in milk from 30 minutes till 2-3 hours. Then the liver will get the most delicious and delicate taste.
  2. Cut the liver into pieces of 1-1,5 cm wide.
  3. Add some oil into your pan, put it on the fire and heat it well.
  4. Roll the liver pieces in flour and put them into the pan. At the same time you should hear how they sizzle. If there is such a sound, you’ve heated up the pan to the right temperature.
  5. Fry the liver from one side for a minute and then turn it to the other and keep it some more time in the pan. To identify the right time when it’s ready, you can prick it and the liver should let some juice out. If it still bleeds, you need to fry it some more time. But if you prefer it raw, you can stop cooking.tasty liver
  6. It’s better to add salt and pepper to your dish at the very end of cooking process. Otherwise it will be tough.
  7. Don’t keep it on the fire for too long. Liver is cooked very fast and takes very little time. In this case it will be tender and toothsome.