Can I just say first, man that week went by way to fast. We spent most of the week in San Clement, California camped off the beach. And I’m wishing I would have taken more pictures of that, but I am happy to say that I spent that time relaxing so my camera stayed tucked away. We did spend 3 days at Disneyland though where I got to indulge in someone else cooking all of the goodies.

I guess, with as obsessed I am with food, it’s not surprise that eating makes up a good portion of my vacation.

But it is an obsession we all kind of share 🙂

I mean, if food is not part of your vacation, then… your weird and missing out. Or maybe, I’m weird, but since my life almost revolves around what I’m going to eat next, I had to add some of my favorite goodies form my vacation!

So one of the things I look forward to when I go to Disneyland is their Churro’s, but they are scattered all throughout the park, and your probably gonna get at least 3 of them while wondering, so if you want something amazing off the beaten track, you gotta try these two things. First is this Peanut Butter Sandwich. It’s a graham cracker with a slab of peanut butter dipped in chocolate. Oh my gosh!! Talk about a Reese’s cup on steroids. This thing is amazing!!

The other thing that I still crave is this Pineapple Whip Float. You’ll find this at the Tiki Hut and you have to stop and get it. The whip itself is a pineapple ice cream, which is amazing, but the pineapple juice on the bottom sends this over the edge. Ugh!! This is one thing that I am for sure going to get every time we visit. This makes it to the top of my favorite treats in the whole park!

And if your family is anything like mine, you better get a couple, cause we don’t like to share 😉

Tomorrow back to the daily grind, and time to work off the 2 pounds I put on of Disney food :/ Yikes!!

Pineapple whip photo from

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