Me and my gorgeous Mom

K, so someone decided to leave me this message on Flickr, “Clearly the admin is unaware of the meaning of the word snot! In English in the UK at least the word snot is applied to bogeys or the bits of yuk that are picked out of the nose, as such it seems a most unappealing word to be used in connection with food. I have a feeling that the word you were intending to use was ‘snobs’?” I don’t know if this sounded rude to anyone else, but it did to me. BUT I’m not going to get upset by what some dude around the world has to say. Instead, thinking of the positives, this gives me a chance to explain to all of you why I chose the name I did for my blog.

First, I just wanna clarify that the word ‘snot’ in the U.S., which is where I live, is also used as slang just as ‘snob’ would be used. When creating this blog, I really didn’t think that I would have people from around the world looking at my blog, so I didn’t take this into consideration that people of other cultures wouldn’t understand this to be slang for “someone who is stuck up (or someone that thinks they are better then others).” On that topic, I just wanna say I am truly humbled and so thankful for all of the people that visit my site and who support me in sharing one of my true joys in life, cooking.

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My Grammy and Papo

So onto why I named my blog “Food Snots”. Yes I am totally aware that snobs might have been a more “appealing” word to use. And yes, I know what snot means. But the title Food Snobs has no sentimental value to me. So to tell the story of why I chose this name we are going to have to go way back and it all starts with my mom. My mother has been cooking since the age of 12 when she started making dinner for her parents, my Grandparents (picture above). This is when she started collecting recipes she liked and this is probably also when she started becoming picky about what she prepared. By the time she had me at 26 and started cooking for a family, she was an awesome cook, and when most people are just getting started with cooking she had already mastered tons of recipes. This all being relevant to me because I was raise on awesome food. We had large meals almost every night. And holiday dinners were elaborate enough to put any catering business to shame. Everything my mom bakes/cooks is from scratch. Pie crust, cookies, cobblers, etc. Everything! So this awesome food has made my palate extremely sensitive. So if something is the least bit freezer burnt I can tell. Or left overs, yeah, I don’t really care for them. They taste funny.

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So, as I got older secretly me and my mom started critiquing other peoples food. This sound more harsh then it really is, and it’s something that everyone does, but we are just way more picky about it. It’s mostly that, I work hard to keep in shape so I don’t wanna waste my calories on a dessert that is just “ok”. So for example, me, my mom and my other three sisters all go to a baby shower, and as everyone knows (at least in the U.S.) a baby shower is always adorned with tons of goodies. So my mom goes and gets her plate, loads up and sits down and starts to sample. If there is other people around, then I know what I wanna get because anything my mom doesn’t like, or I should say anything she thinks is just ok, she will take a bite and leave it and will keep munching on the “amazing” desserts. If no one is around, usually I’ll ask her, “So is it good?” My mom with a shrug, “Yeah, it’s good.” Me, “But is it our standard of ‘good’?” Then she’ll either point out the ones she really likes or she’ll just smile and say no. That’s when we just had to laugh at ourselves and now lovingly call each other Food Snots.

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My Daughter, Baker in training 🙂

This sounds so bad, and I am sure I will never again get another dessert plate for Christmas from anyone who follows my blog, cause yes any food that comes to me gets critiqued too. But I would like so say, it is the thought that counts so even if I decide not to eat what you give me, I so appreciate that you thought of me, and my husband, whom I lovingly call “The Human Garbage Disposal” eat anything I don’t. And so do my three kids for the most part. Although, my daughter is turning out to be almost as big of a food snot as I am. (Tear) Couldn’t be more proud 😉

So I hope this clears up some of the misunderstanding behind the name I chose I why I chose it and not something else. I hope everyone has a good week!! And thanks for reading!!