I saw an idea like this the other day on Pinterest. Basically you take an awesome old frame, line it with wire, and the finished product is this crazy cool way to store your earrings that doesn’t involve trying to hang then in a tiny little jewelry box compartment or laying them around on a shelf which results in either loosing one of the two or spending 5 minutes trying to find a matching pare and detangling the hooks from each other.

I seriously love mine. Took maybe 10 minutes, some hot glue, and a little muscle to flatten out the wire and now I have an extra shelf in my closet that isn’t taken up by earrings. The only type of earrings you can’t really hang are loops. Hooks work great, or I’ve seen it done where people have lined parts of the wire with ribbon so they could attach their studs too. I really don’t have any studs so I didn’t do that, but the fun thing with this is you can make it all your own, and finding the fame is half the fun. Hit Goodwill and some garage sales. I love the vintage look, but find one that fits your personality.

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Materials You’ll Need:

1 medium frame

1/2 inch welded wire, or chicken wire

hot glue gun

hot glue sticks

wire cutters

measuring tape

Turn frame onto its face so that your looking at the back. Measure the cut out area where the glass would normally sit. You want to measure the whole width and height from the inside wall to wall of the cut out area. Cut your wire so that it just fits inside this area. If wire was rolled up, try to flatten as much as possible before setting into the frame. Fit wire into cut out cavity. You don’t want it to be impossible to slide into the area, but you want it snug. You might have to do some additional trimming, but it’s easier to trim more then to work with too little. (Hint: It’s better to have the wire a little too big and to trim as you go.) If the frame has metal staples use them at this point to help secure and hold wire into place. When you have the wire where you want it use hot glue to secure the wire in place. Let hot glue completely cool before hanging frame and adding earrings. Organize earrings and admire. Finally find something to do with your extra shelf space 🙂